The New Samsung Note 7 Bomb

Samsung Note 7 - GTA
Samsung Note 7 - GTA - Phone Bomb

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Samsung has had its toughest year in sales yet. A video that quickly went viral showed a charred image of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after it caught fire shortly after charging. This was just the beginning of what has now become the largest phone recalls in recent history.

After numerous stories of the phones catching fire emerged, the company promised to compensate the affected clients with new ones. Unfortunately, even the replaced gadgets still showed the same tendency. Now, the company has had to recall all these Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gadgets. And while Samsung is dealing with the losses and bad reputation on its brand, one more thing is giving the company a headache; a video that pokes fun at the defunct phone.

The video takes the explosion aspect of the Galaxy Note 7 a step further than just ruining the gadget itself. It is a modification of the most recent Grand Theft Auto game showing the phone being used as an explosive device.

A tinkerer of GTA, a game known for courting controversy, has found a funny way of incorporating the Samsung Note 7 into GTA 5. In the video, the phone is used as a replacement of the sticky bombs used in GTA 5.

While the video is definitely no fun for the South Korean company, many people seem to be amused by it. Judging from the reviews that the original video received, it has definitely struck a code with GTA fans.

While the company is certainly dealing with more challenging matters, having the video online is bound to further dent its image. That is why it recently made a take-down petition to YouTube, citing copyright violations.

However, this may only give the company a short reprieve considering there were no real copyright violations in making the GTA 5 mod. This is because it is a fan-made recreation featuring a consumer product. The owner of the video has the right to file a counter claim against Samsung.

Regardless of the legal matters, the legacy of this phone will certainly live on. The company will find it hard to completely erase the video online even if it takes down the original one. With some American airlines banning the use of the gadget on their aircraft, creators of such videos will continue to get legitimacy.

The internet is a community of people who see things differently. As Samsung continues to heal its charred reputation, there are those who will still see something to laugh about.


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