Great Features Expected On The Samsung Premium Chromebook Pro

Samsung Chromebook PRO
Samsung Chromebook PRO keyboard

The announcement of Samsung’s Premium Chromebook Pro has been met with eager anticipation by industry experts. Much has been made of the excellent security features that are present on the device as well as the unit’s use of a cloud system. There is however much more to the Premium Chromebook than these two aspects, and a wealth of other facilities that are present should excite the waiting public. So what can we expect this impressive new device to offer us upon its release?

Perhaps one of the most fundamental differences from a traditional laptop is the premium Chromebook pro’s use of applications rather than programs. Applications are a type of program designed to run on top of existing system software such as operating systems and utilities. Mobile phone users will be aware of applications as all modern smartphones have access to stores to download these items. Users of the Chromebook will have access to the Chrome Web Store. This is where you can peruse a catalog of all applications that are currently available. These items can range from productivity options that enable you to compile spreadsheets and documents to gaming features which include games across all genres and platforms. Of the games that are available, the most well-known are undoubtedly Angry Birds which has taken the mobile world by storm.

The social aspect of the modern world is acknowledged on the Samsung Chromebook in several different ways. Not only are applications available for all of the major social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter but the platform also supports a new feature that enables your friends and family to log onto your Chromebook and access all of their personal data. There is even a guest mode so they can simply browse in private. One of the most frustrating aspects of modern laptops is the constant update messages you receive every time you switch the unit on. The Chromebook obviously still requires these updates, but they are managed in a very different way. As soon as you put on the device, any updates are automatically implemented without any annoying prompts. This not only ensures that you always have the most up to date version of any application you use but also the very latest operating system that is available.


Processor and stylus: Unlike previous Chromebooks, the Premium Chromium Pro is designed with an ARM 2.0 GHz hexacore processor 4 GB of RAM and a large storage space of 32 GB. This makes this Samsung Chrome particularly notable. You will notice how silent it is when you are using it. It also has 2400 by 1600 resolution touch screen that rotates 360 degrees. It comes with a long lasting battery that lasts up to 10 hours.

This Premium Chromebook Pro also has a Shared video memory (UMA) graphics processor, and it is not a surprise that it does not have an optical drive. The resolution screen and all-metal design weighs less than 2.4 pounds and hence it is light, portable, and could be carried in a tote bag. It is said to have a price tag of $499.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro does reinvent the way we use a device such as this. Thanks to a packed list of features together with some stylish looks this model should prove a massive success when it is eventually released.

Samsung Chromebook PRO
Samsung Chromebook PRO first images
Samsung Chromebook PRO
Samsung Chromebook PRO keyboard
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